Today I Look Like a Girl!


Breakfast: Toast with butter and peanut butter. Because together they are magical and my mother isn’t around to purse her lips together and say, “there’s already “butter” in peanut butter”.

It’s a lovely Fall morning made even lovelier by a tunic dress, tights, pink pearls and pointed black Mary Janes.  Seriously – sometimes I feel bad looking so adorable. #modesty.

Also? I managed to apply two very thin and very neat lines over my eyelids. Eye makeup (makeup in general) is not my strong suit but lately I’ve been feeling like I should look a little more professional and less like my own age.  The only problem is that all my makeup: eye shadow, lip stick, gloss, mascara, powders, shellacs – they are all filled with sparkles.   So as much as I try to be an adult, I cannot get away from glitter. And really, why would I want to?

Last night I went to the gym and sweated it out.  I wish I could have a proper 80’s montage of me boxing down street, my knuckles raw and bleeding from the punching bag and me, in leotards and sweat bands and then suddenly I would be thin!  But in the meantime I’ll just be the gal flailing her arms and legs in all directions while her tummy shows in unfortunate ways.

After the gym I made a gorgeous beef stroganoff with lovely mushrooms, shallots, chicken stock, wine and sour cream. It was dead easy and I’ll share with you later! (the recipe, not my leftovers).

Wednesday is a very good TV night: Modern Family, Happy Endings and South Park.  If you aren’t watching Modern Family, why???? But maybe you haven’t given Happy Endings a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a very good ensemble cast (with Eliza Cuthbert being the weakest link), full of fun pop culture and general wackiness.

Okay all I’ve done today is eat toast, write a blog entry and made a lunch date, time for actual work!


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