Sunday Night Pains


Sunday nights, for me, are the worst nights of the bunch. Mondays and Tuesdays are okay because it means those days are over. Wednesdays and Thursday are great TV nights and Friday and Saturdays? Well, regardless of your social calendar or lack thereof, they are still weekend nights and are enjoyable, particularly when the next morning means you don’t have to rush in the morning.

But Sundays.

Ugh. Sundays.  As a kid I would dread each and every Sunday afternoon because it mean Sunday night was coming.  Going to school, trying to be prepared and generally over-thinking how terrible the up coming week was going to be.  It’s odd when I look back and tell people I really didn’t mind school and was a happy person (I still am!). But on those Sunday evenings I would be teary and dreadful to be around.  My mother called them “Sunday Night Pains” but what I think she meant was that I was a pain in her behind.

In high school/university we would call it Sunday Night Angst.

I still find Sunday nights to be awful.  I don’t know why. I love my job – look forward to going in and helping my bosses every single day. I have a short and easy commute and other than a little stress here and there, things are splendid.

I just feel that between the hours of 7-9 PM I must PREPARE FOR THE WEEK.  Right now, the dishes are cleared, the dishwasher running, a pot of oatmeal for breakfast is bubbling and laundry is waiting to be folded.  I do all these things out of love for my husband and our marriage and to keep me from thinking about the fact that it’s Sunday night and another weekend is over.

Plus the time changed and now it’s dark early which makes me sad.

On a lighter note, next to the laundry basket is a bag of Halloween candy. Sometimes these chores need a bit of sweetness.

Another bit of preparation for the week that I’ve done is plan out the week’s dinners.  It’s just so much easier to come home to your kitchen when you have a plan of attack in mind.  Just because I like writing about food, here it is:

Monday: Roast chicken and potatoes, Greek salad

Tuesday: Slow cooker chili

Wednesday: Baked haddock, rice and salad

Thursday:  Chili garlic pork tenderloin, roast sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli

Friday: What ever that container of stuff in the freezer is (I think it’s beef stroganoff but *crosses fingers*) served over mashed potatoes.

Here’s to a great week ahead! Next week I’m going to NYC and I’m getting pretty excited/nervous!


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