Weekend Roundup


This weekend I learned a few things

1.  Remembrance Day is for honouring the fallen and kicking hippies out of muddy tent shantytowns.

Our Mayor and City Council gave final eviction notice to the OccupyNS folks in Victoria Park. On Remembrance Day.  The same folks who left Parade Square after a month so that the Cenotaph service could go on without any disruptions.  Needless to say it left a bad taste in many mouths.  I would like the city and the Occupy movement to come to a reconciliation so that they can protest and so I don’t have to hear about them every 10 seconds.  Oh yeah – shame on the mayor

2.   In car maintenance, a left tire rod should not be placed on a right tire rod.

And when it happens the car makes a crunching, grinding, scraping noise and the wheel seizes up. I learned this because it is the sound our car made coming back from the mechanic.  It’s going back tomorrow.

3.  I play a nerdy video game with an excellent community of players

4.  SPOILER ALERT: Harold and Kumar are only in Guantanamo Bay for like, 10 minutes.

And here I’ve been thinking all this time that it was going to be a movie about torture, war criminals, water boarding and the hilarious hi-jinx that ensue.  I watched it on Netflix while decorating for Christmas…

5.  It is not too early to decorate for Christmas.

I can prove this because there is a decorated tree in the corner of our apartment.   It’s super sparkly – and now so is the entire living room.   My husband is super happy about that!

And here I am at another Sunday night – but meals are done for tomorrow and the laundry is folded so I’m feeling good about that.

Only three days until NYC!  Getting very excited!


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