NYC: Day 3!


On our last day in New York we didn’t know what we wanted to do.  The idea of seeing a show was in the air but tickets to The Book of Mormon and How to Succeed in Business were still way above what we wanted to pay.   There were shops we could go to and museums we could visit and literally a million things that we could do. 

But first: breakfast.

Nick suggested a very cute place in Tribecca called Kitchenette and since he had literally hit it out of the park in every other recommendation I followed willingly. 

Kitchenette is probably the cutest little diner/bakery I’ve ever been in.  The little pies in the display case had about a foot of meringue on top. I am kicking myself for not taking photos because the place was just so girly: light pink, polka dots, cute waiters…and the food was really fantastic. Scrambled eggs with caramelized onions, brioche-like English muffins served with a strawberry compound butter, sweet potato hash with smoked turkey sausage: so very delicious.

There was more walking to be done: we went by the WTC and it was eerie; we hit up Century 21 and it was a zoo. Unfortunately I was about 3 sizes too big and my wallet 10 sizes too small for a lot of the designer stuff. 

One place I wanted to go to was Chelsea Market.  Partly because it sounded like a cool place and mostly because it has an Anthropologie. (love!).  After browsing, getting a coffee and walking through the halls lined with restaurants, bakeries, butchers etc. etc. we left feeling rather hungry.

A little too hungry. 

Like – not make the right decisions sort of hungry.  We sat down and looked at our theatre/ticket buying options.  They were still no better and it was already getting to be 1:30 – shows started at 3:00 and to get back to Times Square, get tickets, have lunch would be nigh unpossible.

So we decided – lunch first, decisions later.  I pointed in the general direction of an Italian restaurant, Don Something or Other and we asked to see a menu.  I was delighted to see tacos on the menu!  Tacos in an Italian place!  New York – you crazy girl!

Wait, what?

It was somewhere between seeing people eating bowls of nacho chips and getting up-sold on the house guacamole that I realized this was most certainly not an Italian place.  Also the menu had Dos Caminos written clearly on the front.  Maybe I needed food more than I thought.

Along with the guacamole we also got a big bowl of tortilla chips and a trio of spicy salsas.  I ordered a cob salad that had chicken, chorizo, queso fresco (which Nick called “bathtub cheese” – don’t eat with food scientists folks!), avocado, roasted corn, peppers and onions with basil, cilantro lime vinaigrette – so good! But star of the meal was the beer and margarita slushies we ordered.  Beer: good; lime margarita: GOOD; the two mixed together? MUY MUY BUENO!!!

Over lunch we decided to go to MOMA and took the train (thank goodness) back uptown (or downtown – honestly I have no idea!).  The museum was huge and full of people!  It was really cool to just turn a corner and be face to face with Andy Warhol or a Pollock or this little gem:

After pretending that we were art enthusiasts we went next door to The Modern for some delicious and expensive cocktails and pretended that we were fabulous New Yorkers.  It was easy. 

Then there was more window-shopping and another trip to Fishs Eddy and … another dinner at Shake Shack.  Because the place is just so good that despite all the thousands of places to eat in New York City the only place we wanted to be was back there eating burgers. 

Sadly our trip was coming to an end.  We made our way back to the hotel via more shopping (Hello Nordstrom’s Rack!), snapping up as many pictures as I could and said goodbye to the city that had treated us so well.

Big (HUGE) thanks to Nick for taking me under his wing for my first New York experience.  It was the perfect way to be introduced to the city.  He knew all the places that I would like and was a subway superstar. He knew where to go what stops we needed and, most importantly, knew how to get back onto the street!  I would have been lost without him!  Plus, he’s fabulous company.

I learned that it’s not such a scary city – well, Manhattan anyhow.  People were courteous and friendly.  It’s just full of…everything!  All you need to do is pick a direction and something interesting to see, do or eat will there for you, right at your feet!

I love you, New York!


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